entry & draw protocols

how to enter | buddy groups | how shows are set | callbacks | trade+turnout protocols

online entries

Rodeo entries are taken and paid for online.

  • Entries fall on a Monday, two weeks prior to the event.
  • Open Mondays at 9:00 am EST
  • Close Mondays at 9:00 pm EST
  • Entries are completed online at https://www.ipracanada.com/entries/

If there is an error message during payment, please try a different credit card. Some credit card companies may block processing until they know the charge is valid.

Non-member youth contestants must provide a signed and notarized minors release to the secretary before they are allowed to compete. Current IPRA youth members must have a copy on file with the IPRA office.

Late entries

Online entries received after 9:00 pm EST may not be accepted, based on the criteria listed below:

  • Late entries will only be accepted for open performances. Once all performances have been filled, late entries will no longer be accepted.
  • All timed event late entries will be added to the beginning of the performance draw, except for Barrel Racing and Rough Stock whereas late entries will be added to the end of the performance draw.

There may be a late entry period after the initial callbacks. A $20 late fee will apply.

buddying protocols

During online entries, contestants may list people they are travelling with, also referred to as a buddy group. Protocols for buddying are as follows:

  • Proper first and last names must be listed.
  • A buddy group will list the same buddies (up to the maximum of four). Make sure to talk with other members of your group before entering, so that your group is consistent. If you list a buddy, but your buddy does not list you, you will not be grouped (we assume you are no longer travelling together).
  • If you list a buddy, and you enter two separate days, then you will not be grouped. 
  • Must be an association member or buddy with a member if a non-member. Non-members cannot buddy up with other non-members.
  • Buddying up with non-member contestants will designate the entire buddy group to a non-member status, resulting in the buddy group having a lower preference priority than an association member buddy group.
  • A contestant may buddy up with up to three (3) other contestants for a total of 4 buddies.
  • Team roping teams count as one (1) buddy.
  • A buddy group can only have a maximum of four (4) total contestants in the same event.
  • All efforts will be made to keep buddy groups together. However, giving a buddy group does not guarantee that you will be placed together.

How shows are set

The main goal of setting a show is to ensure there are adequate contestants in each discipline for each performance, so that there is a quality rodeo for committees and spectators. With multiple IPRA events a weekend, the goal is for all sanctioned rodeos to be successful. Shows are set based on the following criteria:

  • Association members will have a preference priority over permit holders and non-member contestants. To be treated as a member, contestants must have their membership purchased ten (10) days prior to entries opening.
  • During online entry, contestants have the ability to list their top three preferences regarding date of competition. This includes a performance date, any available date, or out (which means if you do not get your preference(s), you will be turned out of the event).
  • Each producer will set a minimum and maximum number of entries for each discipline and performance based on their predetermined stock numbers.
  • Timed events (SW, TD, TR, LBK) and rough stock events (BB, SB, BR, NBB, NSB, JBR, SR, CR) will not be lop-sided in order to benefit first preferences. This is to control the number of runs on each animal. This includes balancing out any slack runs as well.
  • In the event entry counts for a given discipline are lop-sided, producers will be contacted to confirm the minimum and maximum entries per performance.


Callbacks will be posted online on the Wednesday following the entry date. Callbacks historically meant that contestants would call the secretary back to see where they drew up in the rodeo. Now with online entries, callbacks are posted online to show contestants when they drew up in the rodeo (what day they will compete on, show or slack if required, order, etc.).  

  • Callbacks usually fall on a Wednesday, two days after entries are taken.
  • Callbacks usually posted by 4:00 pm EST (a notification will be posted on Facebook if there is a delay).
  • Callbacks are posted online at https://www.ipracanada.com/entries/
  • If contestants need to make a change to their entry, they will follow the ‘Trade Protocols’.
  • If a contestant is missing from the draw, please use the Change Request Form to notify the entry secretary.
  • If a contestant needs to turnout of the rodeo, please use the Change Request Form.
  • If a contestant needs to medical release or veterinary release out of an event, please use the Change Request Form
  • The Change Request Form is a new process for the 2024 rodeo season. This will replace sending a text.

trade + Turnout protocols

Once callbacks are posted, contestants may trade or turnout.

  • If a contestant needs to turnout of an event, please use the Change Request Form (new in 2024).
  • Trades may consist of moving days (e.g. Saturday to Sunday rodeo) or moving between show and slack (if slack was made available).
  • If a contestant wants to trade, they are responsible for finding the trade.
  • The trade must be agreed upon by both contestants. 
  • Trades will be done using the Change Request Form. Only one of the contestants in the trade are required to complete the form.
  • After completing the Change Request Form, an email will be sent on whether the change was approved or not.
  • Trades from one slack to another slack may be allowed (if available and does not lop-side runs on the ground or stock).
  • Trades will be allowed for 24 hours after callbacks are posted. After this time period, trades will no longer be accepted. 
  • Final callbacks will be posted by the Friday of the week of entries.