Frequently asked questions

For further answers, please email ipracanadarodeo@gmail.com.

Yes, you do need to purchase a new membership card for the 2024 season if you wish to participate in events from the 2024 rodeo season in Canada (unless competing on a day permit). You will need to fill out a membership application form (for insurance purposes) which can be found online in the above menu. Minors will need to have their forms notarized or commissioned in order to participate.

If you would like to purchase a 2024 IPRA World card, you will need to complete a World card application (found on www.iprarodeo.com) and send the completed form to the office in Oklahoma. Credit card information will need to be provided.

Canadians competing on the IPRA Canadian card will ONLY be covered by the Canadian health program. There is no additional coverage. (This card is only good for rodeos in Canada and you must be a Canadian Citizen.)

If you require health coverage or would like additional coverage, you will need to purchase the IPRA World Card, regardless if you are competing in the United States of not.

The Canadian youth membership is offered to Canadian contestants competing in the following events ONLY: Jr. Barrel Racing, Jr. Pole Bending, Jr. Bull Riding, Steer Riding, and Calf Riding. If contestants are only competing in Canada, this is the card to purchase ($100 Canadian funds vs. $125 USD funds). Please note the age restrictions on each discipline.

Also note that if the contestant is competing in one of the junior events AND an open event during the rodeo season (eg. breakaway or team roping), a full contestant card must be purchased and not a youth card.

The World youth membership is for contestants 17 and under that will be competing in the United States. No points are accumulated towards the IFR (International Finals Rodeo).

Yes. You can purchase a new permit for each event of the season. No points will count towards any regional or provincial finals. The costs of multiple permits may have a greater expense than a yearly membership, depending on how many are purchased.

For the 2023 season, all IPRA sanctioned events in Ontario and Quebec, will be handled in one central system located at www.ipracanada.com. Entries will be taken online including payment of entry fees. For assistance with online entries, there is a designated call-in time (usually between 6-7pm).

Since all entry fees are collected online, payoffs may be done through direct bank deposit, e-transfer or cheque (where required). Due to the method used, there may be Interac transfer limits, therefore e-transfers of payouts may be done over a few days after the event.

If you get one of your preferences, as selected during entries in your event, you will not get your entry fee back. If at callbacks, you don't get one of your preferences and are drawn out, your entry fee will be refunded. You will not be able to get your entry fee back if your plans change and you are unable to attend the event. Make sure to plan ahead!

Please send a text to 905-432-5980 as soon as you are aware of the turnout.

Please send a text to 905-432-5980 as soon as you are aware of the issue. You will need to provide a valid medical note in order to have entry fees refunded. Please note the IPRA Rulebook also states that you may not complete in any event for 7 days from the rodeo of turnout.