Contestants please read PRIOR to entering to help answer any questions during entry.

  • You DO NOT need to know your card number prior to entry. If you bought your card recently, please enter C12345 as your card number. It will continue to allow you to enter.
  • If you have not purchased your 2022 membership card, please do so PRIOR to filling out the entry form.
  • You can enter even if you do not want a card, and just want to compete on a DAY PERMIT (cost $50). Please select that option under membership status and you will complete the required info during online entry.
  • If you are a MINOR on a permit, you will be emailed a form that MUST be notarized in order to compete. Follow the information during online entry.
  • TEAM ROPING – If you are entering twice, select BOTH ‘Team Roping Run 1’ and ‘Team Roping Run 2’. You will then enter your position (header or heeler) and then enter the name of your team roping partner for each run. Your partner(s) HAVE TO COMPLETE THEIR OWN ENTRY with you as a partner.